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Lørdag 24. februar - Ska Cubano @ Cosmopolite

Cosmopolite : 24 feb 07 - 21:00
Lørdag 24. februar - Ska Cubano
Ska Cubano: London’s party band of the moment (with) real 1940’s swing. "Live, Ska Cubano show what party music is all about… get ready to skank"
I’ve always wanted to bring people together. Jamaican ska did it - Ska Cubano does it even more, uniting races, people and cultures throughout the Caribbean and across the Atlantic - you can hear New Orleans , Africa and Southern Spain as well as the fusion of Jamaican and Cuban elements. I own lots of Cuban music - mambo and son - and could always hear its influence on ska; when I was in Japan supporting my friends the Skatalites (the biggest ska band of the early 1960’s), I realised why: three of the original members had Cuban roots, including Laurel Aitken, who was actually born in Cuba ."
Natty Bo, director and producer of Ska Cubano, is an artist without boundaries - talented painter and sculptor, one-time circus performer, D.J., songwriter, producer and singer with major London ska band, Top Cats. "I’ve been crazy about ska since I was 10 years old and discovered a bundle of ska singles in a jumble sale," he says, "but with Ska Cubano I’ve had the opportunity to take it in a completely new direction - well, actually, along with these great musicians, to create a completely new kind of music. Although the band is based in London , its birthplace is Santiago de Cuba , where life is hard, but also rich and real and vibrant. I go there to write songs, work out arrangements, absorb the vibe - and clean the cultural pollution out of my head."
marimbula and the botijuela, as well as Yoruba percussion, which I’ve then used on the record. Re-integrating two very musical cultures was, wow! an amazing experience and I have the sense that we might have done something quite important ? as well as having a huge amount of fun."
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